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We, the creators of the Healing candle, are very happy, that you have visited our website :)

Our activity is handmade honey-scented, natural beeswax twisted, cast, and our oen hand-carved candles, that provide pleasant moments and sensations for you. We "put" not only work into our products, but also certain emotions and wishes, that we try to feel about each of our customers at that time, with the sound of special, mesmerizing music melodies. Therefore, every candle made in our workshop is energeticaly charged. We hope that each of you will find a product you like here, which will improve a person's emotional state, give a feeling of warmth and coziness to the home...

All products of "The Healing candle" workshop are made by hand. We send orders both in Lithuania (by postal machines, postal service), and throughout Europe (by postal service).

IMPORTANT!!! For shipping to foreign countries, please contact us via personal message or the indicated contacts (e-mail, phone numbers), as each order is individual and depends on the weigth of the shipment and the country to which it will be sent. Thank you for your understanding.

Warm wishes

HEALING CANDLE workshop team